CRM Solutions is now doing business as Mclaurin Aerospace

October 18, 2018

After nearly 21 years of innovation as CRM Solutions, Inc., the company’s new identity was rolled out in a company-wide celebration on October 17, 2018. The new tradename, Mclaurin Aerospace, reflects the dedication of the company’s principal and CEO, Rhonda Mclaurin, as well as emphasizes the NASA and Department of Defense market segments in which CRM Solutions predominantly operates.

“This is an exciting opportunity to improve our visibility and solidify our credibility as an experienced advanced technology solutions provider,” commented Dr. Jeb Orr, CTO for Mclaurin. While the company will legally do business as Mclaurin Aerospace, the company’s organization remains unchanged and Mclaurin will continue to serve its customers contractually under its corporate structure as CRM Solutions, Inc.