Senior GN&C Engineer

Position ID: mcl-gnc-20230718-adv0006st

Posting Date: July 18, 2023

Location: Huntsville, AL

The Jacobs Space Exploration Group (JSEG) Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) team is a
high performing group executing challenging tasks to design and integrate GN&C systems for projects
ranging from CubeSats, to Mars sample return, to NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS).

We are searching for highly qualified candidates to join Mclaurin Aerospace to support the SLS program and/or the Mars Ascent Vehicle in the Control Systems Design and Analysis branch at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

Successful candidates will serve as a Senior Dynamics, Controls, Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis
Engineer. This exciting work will serve as a critical step in sending humans back to the Moon, Mars
and beyond!

  • Provide technical leadership, guidance, and mentoring to project/program team members
  • Develop, model, simulate, and analyze launch vehicle and spacecraft dynamics (including
    flexible body, slosh, actuators, etc.), control systems, performance, and stability in both the
    frequency and time domains with varying levels of fidelity
  • Conduct trades studies and/or sensitivity analyses related to launch vehicles and spacecraft
  • Create, edit, and debug software written in C/C++, Matlab, Simulink, and/or other languages
  • Develop, modify, maintain, and improve software simulations, tools, and scripts
  • Support the design, integration, analysis, and documentation of GN&C products
  • Prepare and present technical reports and/or briefings including visualization of results
  • Create and review engineering and software documentation

A degree in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related field is required. Degree from an ABET accredited institution is preferred. Typical experience requirements are the equivalent of a PhD with at least 9 years of experience, a Masters with at least 13 years of experience, or BS with at least 15 years of experience.

Preferred Education and Experience:

  • Experience performing control system optimization(s)
  • Modeling of aerodynamics, slosh, pogo, and other dynamics impacting vehicle stability.
  • Familiarity with software development, verification, and validation.
  • Ability to derive nonlinear and linear state equations related to dynamical systems, spacecraft,
    and launch vehicles and develop closed form solutions to those where appropriate
  • Proficiency modeling, simulating, analyzing, and verifying/validating the performance of launch
    vehicles, missiles, hypersonic vehicles, sounding rockets, or spacecraft.
  • Proficiency in design, development, modeling, simulation, and analysis of flight/attitude control
    systems using classical and/or modern control techniques. i.e. autopilot
  • Proficiency analyzing system performance in the time and frequency domain including Nichols,
    Bode, etc. using parametric, Monte Carlo, and statistical techniques
  • Ability to analyze the impacts of using thrust vector control actuators (hydraulic and/or
    electromechanical) or other feedback-controlled effectors including structural interactions.
  • Programming in Matlab, Simulink, and/or C/C++
  • Ability to utilize and work with coordinate frames, transformations, and quaternions
  • Experience with advanced control techniques, including adaptive and nonlinear control design,
    simulation, and stability analysis.
  • Familiarity with and an understanding of trajectory and orbital dynamics
  • Must be detail oriented, self-motivated, and can work both independently and collaboratively
  • Experience with providing technical presentations to a broad array of audiences
  • Strong written and oral communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills

Mclaurin is a unique organization with a special focus on combining the best features of research and industry in order to foster innovation. Our organization strongly supports research, publication, and engagement with the academic community. We encourage our employees to remain on the cutting edge of new developments in their respective disciplines. Prospective candidates should submit a cover letter and resume, and if applicable, a list of relevant publications and research using the contact form below.

US Citizenship and the ability to pass a comprehensive security background investigation is required.

Mclaurin is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.