Materials & Processes Engineer

Position ID: MCL-STR-20230418-ADV0006AT

Posting Date: April 18, 2023

Location: Houston, TX

We need your talent, teamwork, and energy to help us achieve great things that inspire people all over the globe. We need you to bring creative ideas and diverse backgrounds to help us envision, shape, and deliver systems that will enable the exploration of space while benefiting people here on Earth. We are excited about what we do, and we need you on our team as we take on exciting challenges for NASA’s pursuits in deep space exploration. Mclaurin is partnered with Jacobs Engineering, NASA’s largest engineering solutions provider working together with NASA at centers across the United States. 

We have an exciting opportunity for a Materials & Processes Engineer to join our JETS II Contract Team with Jacobs Engineering at Johnson Space Center.


– Provide design insight/oversight support for NASA’s xEVAS project, helping develop the next generation of spacesuits for low Earth orbit, the lunar surface, and beyond.

– Advise, guide, and provide consultation on Materials & Processes requirements for intravehicular (IVA) and extravehicular (EVA) environments, including materials selection, process control and qualification, design for corrosion prevention, flammability, toxic off gassing, and processes specification.
– Provide input to program/project specifications and ensure appropriate materials requirements are incorporated into all program/project specifications at the right level.
– Review project/program documentation and specifications to ensure Materials and Processes requirements are met for spaceflight hardware.
– Assess whether standard vendor processes meet requirements, and if not, clearly define changes that need to be implemented.
– Provide vendors with recommendations for qualification and acceptance testing that will properly satisfy verification of requirements.
– Provide inspection and manufacturing process support for human space flight systems.
– Perform other duties as required.


This position has been posted at multiple levels. Depending on the candidate’s experience, requirements, and business needs, we can consider candidates at any level for which this position has been advertised. Note that this position is open to engineers having a Bachelor’s Degree or higher with applicable interest and experience.  Exceptional upcoming and recent graduates with experience in materials science are encouraged to apply.

Requisition Preferences:

– Bachelor’s degree or higher in Engineering (Metallurgy, Welding, Materials, Materials Science, Aerospace, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical).
– M.S. or Ph.D. in Engineering.
– 3 or more years’ related work experience or an equivalent combination of technical education and experience (e.g. M.S. or Ph.D.).
– Previous experience in material selection (metallic and nonmetallic) for electrical components, corrosion prevention, flammability prevention, oxygen compatibility, processes qualification, contamination control, development, test, and evaluation for NASA and/or aerospace projects.
– Previous experience with human space flight system engineering and integration practices.
– Implementation of system requirements into hardware design and development.


– Requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering in the field or in a related area.
– Related work experience or an equivalent combination of technical education and experience (e.g., M.S. or Ph.D.).
– Knowledge materials and processes knowledge, including materials selection (metallic and nonmetallic), design for corrosion prevention and electrical bonding, polymeric materials, coatings.
– Familiar with metallic and nonmetallic materials specifications, properties, testing.
– Familiar with engineering drawing review.
– Effective written and verbal communication skills.
– Strong analytical skills with the ability to critically assess manufacturing/material processes and designs.
– Ability to work collaboratively and independently in a multidisciplinary field.

Mclaurin is a unique organization with a special focus on combining the best features of research and industry in order to foster innovation. Our organization strongly supports research, publication, and engagement with the academic community. We encourage our employees to remain on the cutting edge of new developments in their respective disciplines. Prospective candidates should submit a cover letter and resume, and if applicable, a list of relevant publications and research using the contact form below.

US Citizenship and the ability to pass a comprehensive security background investigation is required.

Mclaurin is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.