Mclaurin Aerospace formed in 1997 as CRM Solutions, Inc. with a goal of infusing deep physical and computational insight into the most pressing NASA and Department of Defense aerosciences challenges.  A successful history of supporting computational fluid dynamics (CFD) research initiatives led to a restructuring in 2003 that expanded the company’s capability to include aerospace structures and fluid systems.  In 2007, GN&C, flight mechanics, and systems engineering were added to our technical staff portfolio to further enhance our solution spectrum.

Now comprising more than 20 full-time technical staff and two university partners in two states, our enthusiastic team offers a complete end-to-end aerospace design and analysis capability with a wide breadth of experience in development, certification, and flight test of aerospace vehicles.  

As a HUBZone-certified small business, we offer a fundamentally different perspective than traditional engineering services firms.  With most of our staff holding advanced degrees and more than one third holding PhDs in their respective fields, we are a laboratory of innovation and our approach is grounded in fundamentals.

The experience and innovation of our unique team can be seen in the air and over the ground, in orbit around Earth, on its way to Mars, and standing ready to defend our nation.