Our unique experience in flight mechanics brings the art of coupled elastic-multibody systems to readily accessible, extensible analysis tools and processes.  We integrate more than a century of validated US aeronautics and spaceflight modeling and simulation heritage with a strong focus on retrospective analysis. We develop first principles methods and avoid “black box” general-purpose models, incorporating lessons learned from flight programs involving complex launch vehicle, ballistic missile, aircraft, and missile dynamics.  Members of our team occupy key roles in an advisory capacity to NASA supporting the agency’s core capability in boost vehicle stability analysis codes.

  • Launch vehicle, missile, aircraft, and entry vehicle dynamics
  • Astrodynamics, proximity operations, and space robotics
  • Linear and nonlinear analysis of elastic multibody systems
  • Linear and nonlinear fluid slosh and propellant management
  • Aeroelasticity, thrust vector servoelasticity, and control-structure interaction
  • Actuation systems, reaction controls, gyrodynamics, and thrust vector control
  • Real-time and in-flight simulation
  • Model validation using ground, surrogate, and flight test

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