Mclaurin’s core competency in computational fluid dynamics has broad reach into a wide array of systems and flow regimes.  Our team has earned a reputation for applying the most efficient solution to address the problem at hand, often at a significant cost savings.  We maintain our own 700+ core in-house high-performance computing facility to address sponsor needs.

Extensive experience in model validation lends credibility to our solutions.  Applications include:

  • External and Internal Aerodynamics
    • Rapid generation of force and moment databases
    • Time-accurate moving-body event simulations (staging, store separation)
    • Real gas effects
    • Aerothermal analysis
    • Ascent venting and internal environment predictions
    • Commercial CFD code development
F/A-18 Store Separation Solution
  • Internal and Vibro-Acoustic Analysis
    • Finite Element Methods
    • Hybrid FEM-SEA Analysis
    • Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA)
    • Scaling Methods
    • Primary and secondary structures loads analysis
    • Development of attenuation requirements and design solutions
Space Launch System Nozzle Force and Moment Database Analysis
  • Multispecies/Multiphase Flow and Debris Modeling
    • Test-correlated debris transport and impact analysis
    • Lethality and survivability analysis and design
    • Chemically reacting flows
    • Modeling, simulation, and test validation of liquids including propellants, water deluge/sprays, cryogens, and vehicle sloshing phenomena
  • Thermal Analysis
    • Modeling and simulation of terrestrial environments
    • Aerothermal heating and ablation modeling for space launch, hypersonic, and tactical systems
    • Fully-coupled multimode heat transfer 
Space Launch System Stage Adapter Thermal Analysis

Our customers include NASA, the US Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center (AMRDEC), the Missile Defense Agency, and numerous industry and commercial spaceflight partners.  Please contact us for more information regarding flow sciences capabilities.